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Hello everybody, it is me Caitlin here it has been quite a few months since I've done any soaping I made all of my Christmas soaps off of uh off camera a few months before Christmas to get them done ahead of time, and now I am trying to get back to soaping after the holiday season.

It is now January, so I need to get Sophie.

I am wearing a mask because I just mixed my lye solution, so I'm just making sure that's all dissolved and I'm going to be doing the heat transfer method.

So if it sounds like I'm heavy breathing, it's because I am because I cannot breathe very good in mask.

Okay, I am going to strain it just for extra insurance.

Here, I didn't add any Mulberry silk to my live solution.

I want to keep this bar vegan, so there's going to be no milks, no animal or insect or bug anything additives.

It's just going to be soap with some herbal additives now I'm going to just mix this, and hopefully it melts at a decent speed and doesn't thicken up too quick, because that tends to happen.

Alrighty now I will be chopping up.

These chunks of shea butter, not shea butter, mango butter just to speed up the process.

Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and try to incorporate these in a little bit more by hand before I.

Go full bore with this stick blender here: okay, so I went ahead and put the silicone mat under my Bowl here, just to kind of quiet it a bit because my kids are in the other room.

Sleeping and I do not want to wake them and I also don't want to alert the dogs that are downstairs because they will bark like crazy, I.

Just love making soap.

I haven't really had the energy or the time lately to make it with all of the holiday festivities going on and kids programs, and all of that, so it's nice to get back in my soaping room and I actually had to clean my soaping room because that's where everything for Christmas got stored because the kids aren't allowed in here.

Okay, so I have in this container here.

This is just a little bit of water with some citric acid dissolved in it.

So I'm gonna go ahead and add that in citric acid helps prevent soap, scum in your shower or your bathtub.

So that's why I add that to the soap foreign before I get too crazy, the stick, blending I'm going to go ahead and add the fragrance which is lavender chamomile by nature or by nurture soap and I've, used it before when I first started, making soap a few years back and I loved it, it kind of has like that: nighttime baby wash smell to it, so it's really mild, really gentle smelling and it discolors to like a tan color.

It's supposed to not accelerate, which you know I, don't remember accelerating.

So hopefully it's the same formula that it was back in the day and I'm just going to stick a blend out for all of two seconds.

Just to get this party going.

Hope you can't see me.

Oh you can hello, hello yep! You can see me all right, so this is getting thick.

One thing that I am going to do is split it off into two different containers, which I'm just going to leave part of it in the main container and just add a little bit into this other container, because I can now just leave that in there so into this one, I'm going to be adding some purple mica from um.

True, two girls make us and it's called Purple Haze.

So this is like a nice lavender color, so I'm gonna, throw that in there like so and then into this other container.

I have some lavender powder and some chamomile powder, so that is going into that one I mean I, can't have a lavender, chamomile soap and not add the lavender and chamomile that I have an oh, my goodness, that smells amazing ugh.

It smells so herbal I love like natural soap like if I just had the lavender and chamomile powder in just basic soap, no fragrance or even just a little bit of some light, essential oil just a little essential oil.

That would be awesome, but chamomile essential oil is expensive and always sold out.

So I'm not even gonna, bother with that right now, with the price of everything, it's really hard to get people to even want to pay, for you know a basic bar and then, if you try to add too much into it, that's too expensive.

Are they willing to pay for that because they really don't know how much everything costs to make, and so they want every single one of your bars to be the same price, even though it's not the same price to make every single one of your bars.

If you know what I'm saying to make it easy I like to do like by five bars for so much money, and that way people just buy every time they buy, they buy more of a bulk order.

For me, it's bulk somebody buying 10 bars is to me is a lot of bars to sell because I'm, a tiny, tiny business I'm, not packing orders every day.

My busiest time is Christmas, so it is what it is at that point, but I enjoy it, because I could still hang out with my kids spend time with them have down time.

I'm not constantly busy, which is the whole reason why I quit working in the salon was so that I could spend time with my family.

These chunks need to get smaller in here that lavender, and that is air yippee.

This looks like it might need to be.

Stick Blended for like two seconds.

I really should have pre-dispersed these in oil, but this is a last minute decision and I just didn't feel like it.

Let's be, let's be real here, should I make my life easier? Yes do I! No! Is that a problem yeah? That is pretty look at that that's a nice lavender shade and this it looks like it thickened quick, but it's staying like the same amount of thickness.

You know like me like me: do I want to do a separate layer like two layers yeah.

Let me see what I have going on behind me.

I like to try to not do my bars too similar, so do I want to do purple at the bottom and then this on top Maybe.

You know what I'm gonna do this on the bottom: oops I'm gonna do this on the bottom and then uh lavender on top kind of like a layer, but not this is actually still pretty fluid for how thick it is, which is like perfect for doing heavy drop Swirls and in the pot swirls, but I've done too many drop Swirls and in the pot swirls, so I'm trying to switch it up a little bit and doing this with your spatula is a easy way to kind of knock out.

Air bubbles and I could see bubbles popping to the top.

When I do this and it evens out the soap a bit more too, the dogs aren't going to start barking because I'm doing a lot of ruckus I'm ruckusan.

That is pretty.

This would be nice just by itself.


Just like a nice, simple bar and I know.

I've said that in like all of my videos, but personally I would only make basic simple bars, but I just I, don't know, I have so much fun stuff that I can add to them.

I feel bad, not using all of these stuff, plus I mean it makes for a good.

It's a good eye.

Catcher, it's like having the natural soap with a little pizzazz without being too crazy, because it's not like a frosted soap.

I just want to get like a little bit of texture in here, but not like that.

Much kind of knock things around a bit I, don't want it to look like an exact layer.

So this is me attempting to not have it be like an even layer, I, don't want it to look like a mistake either, like I tried to make it even but I just didn't succeed, so it needs to be bad enough to look like it's on purpose.

That is such a pretty color mm-hmm, good choice and again, thank you to girls micas for supplying me with some beautiful micas.

I love them I'm, trying not to bang this down, but I really want to get some air bubbles out of it, because I don't want to irritate anybody in my house.

Okay, it's definitely ready to texture.

So I, don't know what I'm gonna do.

Maybe I'll just do some swirls.

These gloves, I, don't know if you could hear it, but these gloves are making like a squeaky noise.

All right there, it is I will try to unmold this tomorrow.

At some point um it depends on how busy things get so I will bring you back for the unmolding and the cutting, hopefully, hopefully, I'm, not a liar right now.

Okay, bye see you in a sec foreign Batman.

Okay, it's a little soft.

Still, you sniffing my silt back there bud.

Oh, it's soap, yeah all right! So I guess I will let this sit for soap, a couple hours to firm up the rest of the way since it's getting some more air to it.

Soap, soap, soapy, soap, okay, so I waited like an hour and I'm going to go ahead and just start cutting so I'm going to cut a good sample size off of this end.

So and that's you know just a basic car, my son is in the room.

He is very interested in my soaps.

What are you doing? Nope knock knock who's there.

Who is it? Can you say Happy New Year that I really like that that purple came out really nice yeah, you like that sound.

If you hear like that fan sounding noise, that's just the furnace running! That's the way it sounds coming through.

All of my bends in my house, I noticed that when I was re-watching what I filmed yesterday a lot of the video had that kind of white noise in the background.

So that's what that was.

Oh that's why? Let's look see how my camera's, starting to sag, let's fix that I need to get like a uh, a little wrench, tiny little wrench and tighten this nut s.

I'm gonna go ahead and turn my light on what so you guys could see a little better I was trying to use natural light because I just like the way it natural light is, but it's a little too dark out today.

It's a little two sad looking out there.

So this this might darken a little bit I believe.

Actually, hmm, you can't really tell too much, but the edges are slightly different color than the rest of the bar.

It hasn't even been 24 hours yet so we shall see- and this will be slightly exfoliating- a nice gentle exfoliation.

Oh it smells so good too.

It's so like it's not well yeah.

It's faint! It has just like a very clean gentle smell to it.

I like it I probably could have used more, but it is what it is.


Are you knocking on stuff and saying hello? He started talking a lot lately yeah, you could kind of see some discoloration around the edges.

It's going to be more of a tan and less of like a yellow, and that is going to be too small of a bar, so I guess I shall make a few samples and have more samples to go around I, really like the way that the chamomile powder makes yellow speckles and if you're wondering why my fingernails look like that.

It's because I put those nail stickers on my nails and I.

Wasn't patient I, just ripped them off one day and um yeah the edges of my nails, peeled up, so that was fun well, thank you.

Buddy Pig.

Okay, it's a little pig dish, but these are just going to be nice.

Little samples for people are always still shocked whenever I give them samples.

They're, like oh, my God.

It's like I, give everybody samples you're, not special.

Okay, anyways alrighty, guys I'm, going to probably wait a couple of days to clean these up, just so that I'm not mashing the edges around and I kind of want them to do their discoloration and whatnot and I feel like it's already getting some air and already kind of changing colors slightly.

Well, you can't really tell too much.

Oh it's moving again, but uh yeah see that it's a little swirly swirl on top alrighty.

Thank you! So much for watching and I will catch you in my next video bye.


How much chamomile extract to add to soap? ›

Add approximately 1/3 of the Organic Chamomile Extract and stir through well to combine. Now add 2 g/ml (approximately 60 drops) of Essential Oil and stir well to combine. We suggest you use up to 30 drops per soap, so for 2 soaps you can use up to 60 drops. You can of course use less if that is your preference.

How much lavender essential oil in cold process soap? ›

For a strong scent, you can add 0.7 ounces of fragrance or essential oil per pound of cold process soap. For melt and pour, you can add 0.3 ounces per pound.

What does chamomile do in soap? ›

Chamomile in these soaps is known to eliminate pimples and clear acne. This plant also blooms with characteristics that make skin smooth and healthy. Chamomile skincare products also heal eczema and psoriasis. To clear up dandruff, chamomile is also used in shampoos.

What happens when you mix lavender and chamomile? ›

The scent alone of this stress-relieving tea will lead you to relaxation. Mint is a wonderful stomach soother and aids in digestion. Chamomile and lavender help prevent insomnia and serve as a great combination to sip before bed.

What part of lavender is used for soap making? ›

Lavender Essential Oil for Soapmaking

Lavender soap is generally understood to be a soap that smells like lavender. The real deal is always made with lavender essential oil, the volatile oils extracted from lavender flowers.

Does lavender essential oil discolor cold process soap? ›

Lavender Fine Essential Oil: This has a bright, herbaceous scent with a touch of citrus. It performs beautifully and doesn't discolor in cold process soap.

Can you put too much essential oil in soap? ›

Each essential oil has a different usage rate, and depending on what you're making you'll need to use a different amount. If too much essential oil is used in a product, it can cause skin irritation. The easiest way to find out how much essential oil is to use the Fragrance Calculator.

How many drops of essential oil for 1 pound of soap? ›

Essential oils should be added to a soap recipe at a rate of 5-10 drops per pound of base oil. Because the oils are so concentrated, you don't need as much essential oil when you pour soaps. -Measure essential oils and mix them together to create the desired scent.

What goes with chamomile in soap? ›

How to Make Chamomile Soap
  • Coconut oil.
  • Olive oil infused with chamomile (try the cold infusion method if time allows, otherwise heat infusion will work fine)
  • Distilled water.
  • Lye.
  • Grapeseed oil.
  • Shea butter, mango butter, or cocoa butter.
  • Dried chamomile flowers (grow and dry your own, or purchase some)
Feb 20, 2023

What oils make soap more cleansing? ›

Coconut oil is an indispensable oil in soapmaking; it provides your soap with excellent cleansing properties. It's also very effective in hardening soap and provides a lovely lather.

What does chamomile soap smell like? ›

The sweet, relaxing, apple-like scent of Chamomile is a compelling match for the energizing floral citrus aroma of the Bergamot Orange.

What is the ratio for chamomile? ›

The tea to water ratio: keep in mind that you need 1 tablespoon of chamomile (or 1 chamomile tea bag) per 1 cup of water. Then it's easy to scale this recipe to the number of servings desired.

What is the dosing for chamomile? ›

How much chamomile should you take? There is no standard dose of chamomile. Studies have used between 900 milligrams to 1200 milligrams daily in capsule form. The most common form is a tea, and some people drink one to four cups daily.

How many drops of chamomile oil? ›

To use chamomile oil in a spray, dilute 10 to 15 drops of chamomile oil in each ounce of water. Add to a glass spray bottle and shake well before using.

What not to mix chamomile with? ›

Possible Interactions

Sedatives: Chamomile can make these drugs stronger, including: Anti-seizure drugs, such as phenytoin (Dilantin) and valproic acid (Depakote) Barbiturates. Benzodiazepines, such as alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium)

What blends well with lavender and chamomile? ›

The essential oils of lavender, chamomile and frankincense combine to produce a wonderful scent and my skin feels smooth and soft but not at all greasy in the way that some oils can. Highly recommend for whatever stage of life you're at!

Do chamomile and lavender go well together? ›

If you never tried a lavender tea before, you may expect a strong overwhelming taste. But lavender is delicate, lightly sweet and relaxing. It blends well with sweet notes of chamomile. Add a teaspoon of honey, and you will get a delicious tea that may provide numerous health benefits.

Does lavender soap dry out skin? ›

If you have been struggling with acne, this is an ideal soap choice for you. One of the lavender soap benefits that you can enjoy is its antibacterial effects. It can be used to combat the bacteria in acne, without drying the face. More potent lavender is said to even help speed up wound healing.

Can I wash my face with lavender soap? ›

Lavender soap is a delicate, natural soap suitable for the face and body that gently cleanses, regenerates and cares for the skin. Lavender essential oil used, is considered one of the most delicate essential oils that bring you calmness and relaxation.

Is lavender soap antibacterial? ›

Lavender has strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties that are effective in treating your hand washing routine. There is no denying the amazing smell of lavender soap. Pure lavender herbs can make you feel and smell amazing. Lavender can act as an anti-inflammatory for pain relief.

What are the side effects of lavender soap? ›

Side effects might include constipation, diarrhea, and headache. When applied to the skin: Lavender is possibly safe. It's usually well-tolerated, but can sometimes cause skin irritation. When inhaled: Lavender essential oil is possibly safe.

What makes cold process soap last longer? ›

Make Sure to Fully Cure

Making cold process soap takes patience. It needs time to sit in the mold to harden, which usually takes at least 2-3 days. Once unmolded and cut, the bars need to cure for about 4-6 weeks. During this time, excess water in the soap evaporates, which creates a firmer and longer lasting bar.

How do you make fragrance last longer in cold process soap? ›

Starch powders such as cornstarch and arrowroot powder are also used as a fragrance fixative in cold process soap. These powders work the same way as clays by absorbing the scent and helping the scent last longer in soap. To use, mix your fragrance with the powder and then add to traced soap.

What oils make the hardest soap? ›

Brittle Oils

As the name suggests these are the really hard oils, you know the ones that require a bit of extra effort chipping away to break them up. These generally include palm kernel oil and cocoa butter. Brittle oils will make a hard bar of soap.

What does cornstarch do in soap? ›

Corn Starch adds extra bulk to a batch of soap and works as an exfoliant for greasy skin. Add up to 30 grams per 1 kilo of soap base. It is viewed as a healthier and more natural alternative to Talc, especially in Baby Care products.

What essential oils should not be used in soap? ›

Citrus essential oils fade in cold process soap, oils like cinnamon and clove can't be used in leave-on products, and others like juniper berry can't be used if you're pregnant or if you have kidney problems.

What is the ratio of essential oils to soap base? ›

Essential oil soapmaking ratios

It is theoretically possible to use essential oils as part of any soapmaking process, but opting to use a Melt and Pour base is usually the most straightforward choice. As a general rule, you should aim for your essential oil (be it a single or a blend) to be around 3% of a bar of soap.

What happens if you put too much fragrance oil in soap? ›

The potential consequences of having too much fragrance oil in soap can include: The overpowering scent that is unpleasant to use. Discoloration or separation in the soap. Irritation or sensitivity to the soap on the skin.

Which fragrance is best for soap making? ›

Popular soap scent combinations are;
  • Lavender and Rosemary.
  • Rosemary and Lemon.
  • Frangipani and Gardenia.
  • Sandalwood and Patchouli.
  • Lemongrass and Lemon Myrtle.

What scent compliments chamomile? ›

Chamomile oil also blends well with citrus scents of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, and Lime, as well as florals of Lavender, Geranium, Jasmine, and Ylang-ylang.

What flavors pair with chamomile? ›

Pairing suggestions: Citrus, ginger, and honey are all flavors that pair well with Chamomile Mint. Any of those flavors can be added to the tea to amp up the flavor of the tea; or, try it with foods like gingersnap cookies, lemon bars, shortbread with citrus zest, or toast with butter and honey.

Is lavender and chamomile good for skin? ›

Both chamomile and lavender are known to reduce redness and irritation of the skin. Chamomile soothes inflamed skin and lavender is great for soothing the itch and irritation of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Both lavender and chamomile also relieve the itchiness of mosquito and other insect bites.

What oil makes soap more bubbly? ›

Oils such as coconut and castor oil help create a bubbly, foamy, rich lather. On the other hand, soaps made primarily with olive oil, such as Castile-type soaps, will produce a rich and creamy rather than bubbly lather.

What is a good cleansing number for soap? ›

12 to 22

What oil makes soap creamy? ›

Castor oil is a thick, clear oil that helps increase the lather in soap - a rich, creamy lather.

What does lavender chamomile smell like? ›

A soothing herbal fragrance with fresh lavender petals combining with a light hint of chamomile. Notes: Top - Bergamot.

How do you add chamomile to soap? ›

Remove melted soap promptly from the microwave. Working quickly, add 15 drops of chamomile essential oil and 1 teaspoon of honey to the melted soap and stir with a heat-resistant silicone spatula to combine. After, add the prepared ground oats and stir thoroughly into the soap mixture.

What is the fragrance of chamomile? ›

The scent of a freshly extracted German chamomile essential oil is warm, herbaceous, and coumarinic, with fruity (in particular apple) and sweet tobacco undertones and animalic nuances.

How do you make lavender infused soap? ›

How to Make Lavender Soap
  1. Place 1 pound of glycerin goat's milk soap inside a microwavable bowl.
  2. Melt the soap in the microwave at 10 second intervals until soap is fully melted and creamy in appearance. Stir between intervals. It takes about 6-8 intervals in total to fully melt. Don't overcook as the soap may burn.
Apr 15, 2022

Can you put chamomile in soap? ›

Those with sensitive skin and even babies can safely use chamomile soap and will find it helps soothe irritated skin. A chamomile oil infusion works best for minor skin irritations, which is the base of this chamomile soap. By infusing chamomile into this soap, you get all the calming properties the herb offers.

Do chamomile and lavender smell good together? ›

The lavender and chamomile plants are both world renowned for calming the senses and mind. This Oil Fragrance combines both aromas to create a relaxing blend of peaceful perfection.

What does chamomile do to your face? ›

Using chamomile on the skin brings along powerful antioxidants which help the skin to regenerate, tighten pores and slow down ageing effects in the skin. Skin lightening: Blemishes and redness can be lightened by chamomile which is sometimes referred to as 'natural skin bleach'.

Is lavender and chamomile safe? ›

Lavender chamomile tea is generally considered to be safe.

What are the benefits of handmade lavender soap? ›

The lavender plant is naturally anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, and it can soothe sunburns and reduce scarring. These properties make lavender soap an effective way to reduce skin inflammation and treat skin conditions. Adding lavender to your daily hygiene routine can help you combat inflammation daily.

Which lavender and grow is best for soap making? ›

'Provence' is a lavandin, or hybrid lavender type, which are known for a high output of essential oils. It's no surprise that 'Provence' is the lavender most frequently grown for use in scented products, including soaps, lotions, sachets, potpourri, and more.

How do you harvest lavender for soap? ›

Harvesting and drying lavender is simple – simply snip off the stems just before the flowers open and when you've gathered enough for your needs, tie the stems together and hang them up to dry somewhere sheltered.

Can I put dried lavender in soap? ›

Sprinkle some dried lavender into each of your soap molds. Then, you'll pour the soap base into the molds and sprinkle a little more dried lavender on top. You can use a toothpick to stir the lavender into the soap if you want it incorporated.

What essential oils can I mix with chamomile? ›

Chamomile oil also blends well with citrus scents of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, and Lime, as well as florals of Lavender, Geranium, Jasmine, and Ylang-ylang.


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