What Does It Mean When An Evil Eye Breaks? (8 Spiritual Meanings) (2023)

The mystery surrounding the evil eye is captivating and holds some strong spiritual truths. So, when any of your evil eye jewelry breaks, you must cast your mind to certain possibilities. Could it be that when this oddity happens, you’re protected from every negativity on your way or exposed to harm and bad luck?

Let’s get into the meat of this piece for you to learn about the real implications of your broken evil eye. What to do when it happens is also carefully pointed out.

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The Evil Eye; what it means

The Nazarlegend tells us everything about the evil eye curse, which subjects anyone under its influence to ill fortunes in every sphere of life. As such, the evil eye talisman emerged as a protective force that attracts negative energy to prevent evil from befalling you. It truncates evil plans too.

The origin of the evil eye curse is unknown, but it has been used severally in witchcraft to wreak havoc on several victims. Mostly, it is an evil stare cast by someone who is envious or wishes that evil befalls you. The evil eye deflects such a curse back to the sender.

Going by this belief, many people now wear a protective evil eye amulet to ward off evil. Some keep it in their living rooms, offices, or cars to shield themselves from any kind of jinx. It’s not surprising to see the evil eye talisman in different shapes and forms of necklaces, beads, and bracelets nowadays.

What happens when your evil eye pendant breaks

The possibilities tied to the broken evil-eye bracelet can be explained in the following ways:

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1. It’s a sign of good fortune

Don’t get yourself worked up when your evil eyeamulets break because it’s mostly a good sign. From the positive angle, your evil eye breaking signals means that it could no longer retain the negative things it has attracted.

Fortunately, the hatred, evil, curse, and misfortune that was supposed to hinder you from progress are trapped by your evil eye. So, when it breaks, it’s releasing these negativities back to the universe. From that point forward, you should experience good luck, prosperity, and happiness in your encounters.

2. It’s a bad sign

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When your evil eye charm suddenly breaks, it could signify losing your protection. When you want to take a decision and your evil eye protection breaks, you must think twice about that decision or plan.

You must be sensitive to ill feelings around you from friends and family members as you can get betrayed. This is exactly the case it gets broken mysteriously during a heated argument or fight with any of them.

If your evil eye bead, pendant, or whatever explodes after receiving a gift or guests in your house, that gift is bad and should be thrown out of your house. If it lingers, you are in for serious misfortune. You mustn’t allow such guests to stay too.

3. Exposure to spiritual attacks

The evil eye talismanrepels spiritual attacks, so nothing protects you from such attacks when it breaks. This is mostly the case if you have been advised to keep the amulet around you every time. You must get a replacement ASAP! Not getting one could expose you to spiritual oppressions, bad dreams, and all.

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When it broke, how old was it?

Timing is of the essence when your evil eye breaks. By observing the longevity of your bracelet, you can easily pinpoint what the universe is telling you by its breakage. If it’s new, that’s a sign that something insignificant will turn your life around. Something as small as canceling a friendly appointment or declining a tea invitation.

Your evil eye breaking after some couple of days of purchase might also mean that it has averted an incoming danger. However, your evil eye could break if you’re careless with it. Therefore, it’s a priceless thing that must be handled with care at all times.

On the flip side, if your evil eye bead has been with you for a long while and it breaks, it’s a bad omen. Some forms of bad luck might be coming your way, and you mustn’t handle this with levity. Quickly get a good Turkish replacement to ensure it’s as effective as the one you used to have.

When it broke, which side or arm was it on?

In Ancient Greece tradition, the hand that carries an evil eye talisman is significant. Even the position that you keep it – the right or left side holds serious spiritual implications.

If the bracelet was on your right hand when it broke, this carries a positive undertone. The right hand is a symbol of bad luck. So, keeping an evil eye bracelet on it helps you subdue these misfortunes. The broken evil eye means that something good is coming your way. Ensure to replace it as soon as possible.

Where the evil eye bracelet is on your left hand or left arm, it means it’s there to protect you from evil occurrences. If it breaks or explodes, you must get a replacement urgently. Leaving your hands bare predisposes you to evil so that bad luck won’t follow you.


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Conditions surrounding its breakage

If your evil eye jewelry gets broken accidentally because it was pulled by someone or snapped accidentally, this is a sign of bad luck. If it explodes overnight inside a safe or in the box or drawer where you kept it, it might have averted a danger or has lost its power to withhold evil and negative vibes. When this happens, get a new one.

The meaning of evil eye colors

The evil eye traps every look of evil cast upon you as influenced by its colors. For instance, if your blue evil eye bracelet breaks, it signals that you’re surrounded by envious people who look at you with evil intent.

If your light green evil eye bead or bracelet suddenly explodes, it’s certain that evil has been averted on your behalf. In Turkish culture, the light green amulet is associated with protection. The power within the bracelet surges and breaks its container because it cannot withhold evil.

When a red evil eye bead breaks, it means that someone is conspiring with others to harm you. At this point, you must be careful about those you call your friends because their intent may be evil towards you. Seek spiritual assistance to protect yourself from this person’s evil.

White symbolizes purity and cannot contain any speck of evil, so it can break at any point. Most people believe that white evil eye jewelry is most effective because it cannot withstand darkness or evil.

What to do when your evil eye breaks

There are steps to take depending on the spiritual meaning of the situation. Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the things you can do to make the situation favorable:

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1. Do a thanksgiving ritual

Yes! it’s only logical to say thank you to something that protects you and keeps you from evil every time. So, when your amulet breaks because evil was averted, do a thanksgiving ritual for the evil eye. Light a white candle, put the pieces together, and then utter thanksgiving words. It’s as simple as that!

2. Get another evil eye bracelet

The broken one has served its purpose; you should get a new one. Every time your bracelet breaks, make it a point of duty to get another one the next minute. You never can tell what might be lurking in the darkness, waiting for you to lose your protection. So, get it!

Thankfully, you can easily order your amulet online. But when doing that, you must be super careful, so you don’t end up with a bad one. Only order from a trusted source.

Dreaming of an evil eye breaking

Dreaming about it is more or less related to what happen can happen in real life. Your evil eye breaking in the dream might be a warning that you’re now exposed to attacks or that you’ll trump over certain situations in the coming months.

When you dream about this, carefully examine the situation to get the exact meaning of the dream. Do not take it with levity, as it might be a warning.

Can you throw away the pieces of your broken evil eye bracelet?

It’s not a rule to throw away pieces of the broken bracelet. You can do it at will. Most people throw it away because they feel it might still hold some negativities. Thus, throwing it away means ridding yourself of these negativities.


A broken evil eye is as good as done, so there might not be a need to keep it. Carefully pack them into a safe place and after performing the thank-you ritual, bid them farewell by disposing of them. You can dispose of it by throwing the broking pieces in a flowing river or by burying the piece in the ground.

In conclusion, your broken eye bracelet is working to ensure that you’re protected. You must keep it carefully and keep it from harm.

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